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The Benefits of Wearing a Cropped Jacket

March 15, 2019

The Benefits of Wearing a Cropped Jacket

Holly Garrison
Fashion Lover. Stylist to the busy mom.

Hey there busy mommas! It's that time of year!!! It's time to start pulling out all your spring and summer styles... Or maybe you already have thanks to Marie Kondo. Got any cropped jackets in there?! The cropped jacket is so hot right now! And rightfully so... they are super versatile and can be an asset to your wardrobe!

Here's my quick tips on all the benefits of wearing a cropped jacket... 

Accessorizes Your Outfit Without Hiding It

My favorite aspect of the cropped jacket is that is accessorizes your outfit while helping to keep you somewhat warm without hiding your outfit! 

Find an adorable staple jacket you can throw on to dress up your basics. But can also hold its own when paired with the show-stopper you've got hanging in your closet. 

I'm a sucker for denim! This is MY go to cropped jacket this Spring!

Highlights Your Curves

If worn correctly the cropped jacket can create an hourglass illusion even if there's not much va-va to your va-va-voom. Find a jacket that crops at the tiniest part of your waist creating a curvy silhouette. 

A comfortable cotton cropped jacket is also nice to have in your closet. Not only does it look sporty but it pairs nicely with your distressed denim or even yoga pants! Win-win! 

Accentuates Your Waistline

A cropped jacket paired with a flowy dress will create a flattering waistline. Again it highlights your waist and emphasizes your curves. 

The moto jacket is probably the most versatile of all these cropped jackets. It easily transitions from day to night. 

Elongates Your Body

Since the cropped jacket hits at the smallest part of the waist [slightly above your waist] it gives instantly lengthens the look of your legs.

Like I said, I'm a sucker for denim, so naturally I have a dark denim and light denim cropped jacket. 

Helps Keep You Warm

The little cropped jacket is functional. It will help keep you warm as we start to transition into warmer weather. It's an easy to grab and go piece. Throw it in your car, backpack, or handbag for an extra layer.    

Have fun with your clothes, my friends!!!